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Is Your HVAC Business Stuck In A Tidal Force?

If you have spent any time near an ocean you are familiar with the effect of tidal forces on the ocean water. During high tide, the waters come rushing in making it seem as if the ocean is expanding and during low tides, they retreat way out leaving dry sand behind.

Many HVAC businesses get stuck in a similar annual Tidal Force effect. During the summer months, the high tides come in making it seem as if the business is expanding, only to retreat again in the offseason months as call volumes and cash flows dry up.

But it doesn't have to be this way! The key is to take action during each call volume expansion of the busy season and not let it retreat back to its lowest point again.

Top 3 Actions to Take During Summer High Tide

1. Sell a ton of maintenance agreements

Over 75% of the customers you visit during the summer will have systems over 10 years old. By getting them on a maintenance agreement plan you can visit them again and fill your offseason with high-opportunity visits.

2. Set goals and special incentives with your technicians

During the summer it gets hot and distracting, and survival mode can kick in for your techs. Instead, by giving them goals and high-priority super incentives to work towards you can keep them focused and excited. Summer provides the most opportunity of the entire year so we really need them dialed in and motivated to take advantage of it.

3. Training and Coaching

It is really tempting to abandon team development when it gets really busy. But like a sports team that didn't practice in the playoffs, you don't want your team to get rusty on their basics and fundamental customer service skills. Keep a consistent schedule with your team so they stay on track and are held accountable.
Top 3 Actions to Take During Summer High Tide

Derrek Hofrichter

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