2024 Rankings

Build a Team of Million-Dollar Techs

You don't need to hire more service technicians to grow your business. Odyssey teaches your existing technicians, comfort consultants and plumbers how to net 2x, 3x, or even 4x their current sales revenues with proven sales techniques that work. Technicians who go through the Odyssey Program average annual sales of over $900,000, with our top 50 techs bringing in $1,000,000+!

SBE Rankings Rules as of 1/1/24

  • For all users on track to be $1,000,000, year-end revenue will be verified by the end of the year (no later than 1/15/25)
  • All users must show consistency, including at least one job entered every month (revenue must be from that month. For example, you cannot put April’s revenue in July – April’s revenue must go in April’s entries) to qualify for rankings
  • Any job over $75,000 monthly gets flagged and verification is requested from the SBE IT Department
  • Commercial jobs do not apply. Note that you can track them in the app for coaching purposes, but they will be eliminated from the rankings total
  • At any point, SBE may request verification

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