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Google Review: Service Champions On‑Site

Scott Kellam Google Review for SBE

This review was left for us on Google the day after our On-Site Training at Kellam Mechanical in Virginia Beach, VA, by the owner, Scott Kellam.

Here's another Google Review from a Kellam Technician:

"The experience I had during this training was beyond five stars. I’ll be able to take it with me and expand on it for the rest of my life. I couldn’t be more grateful. SBE is the way!!"

Custom Training by Department

How On-Site Training will impact your business

Imagine a team that's on the same page working towards a common goal. To accelerate the results for your business, our SBE trainers will fly directly to you and provide custom training for your home service team anywhere in North America.

Everything we teach in our virtual and regional events, we teach in the comfort of your facility, and we customize it to what your team wants and needs when you book On-Site Training with us.

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Service Champions

HVAC Sales Training that creates Million-Dollar Techs

Running an HVAC business requires training your team of HVAC techs to sell and to be able to generate revenue.

Without a constant focus on the HVAC sales skills needed to make money - you will begin to fall behind your competitors.

Does your HVAC business have any of these issues?

  • Average Tickets Dropping
  • Closing Rates Dropping
  • Team Morale Suffering
  • Top Performers Leaving
  • Poor Performers Staying
  • Cash Disappearing from Your Pocket

The key to success as an HVAC business owner is to grow a team and design your business to run itself.

HVAC Sales training is a must if you want your techs to increase revenue and boost their average sales. Selling maintenance agreements, IAQ products, and system replacements all require the ability to build trust and help customers make the right decision.

SBE's Service Champions training is an HVAC sales training course designed to up-skill your techs with the communication skills needed to stand out from your competition.

Testimonial: Service Champions

On Site Training Mountain Mechanical

"Great training! Role-playing was engaging. The material was presented well. The trainer was great with answering any questions we had and was open to having conversations before, during, and after training."

- Brian McDonald, Service Manager - Mountain Mechanical Service, Co.

Sales Champions

Your approach to delivering 100% customer satisfaction must change every couple of years: Pricing, Inflation, Pandemics, and Bank Failures. Customers change the way they think about our products. Willingness to trust goes up and down. We must continually shift gears with our approach to building trust and delivering 100% customer satisfaction. The Problem - The way our industry trains salespeople to communicate with customers failed to evolve and adjust to this ever-changing reality. SBE’s Sales Champions training–solves this problem.

  • How to consistently make a great first impression
  • How to gain the customer’s permission to get them involved
  • How to build trust by asking great questions
  • How to differentiate yourself and build value that allows you to close more sales

Testimonials: Sales Champions

“I’ve done a handful of sales courses and enjoyed this one the most. It really pinpointed the important aspects of non-pushy sales.”

“This course was well worth it. I highly recommend it to all. The instructor did an awesome job keeping us focused and had great energy levels. Excellent speaking skills, as well as listening. He brought some real-life HVAC examples into this class, and the experimental role-playing was very good. I already started using these strategies at work.”

CSR Champions

Make a great first impression for your HVAC business

Your CSR team is the frontline of your business.

HVAC businesses that grow ensure that all new customers are welcomed on the phone and have their needs taken care of every time.

SBE's popular CSR Champions training teaches the most common CSR problems and builds a plan to overcome them. They will recognize the importance of their role in the business and be able to impact the business because of it.

  • Identify and evaluate the key points to a successful call using the CSR scorecard.
  • Confidently pick up the phone and book appointments on demand
  • Deliver 100% customer satisfaction even with difficult customers
  • Create a personal mission statement
  • Create exciting goals and have fun by playing games
  • Walk away with a CSR dashboard for tracking progress

Dispatch Champions

Set your HVAC business up for success and build a profitable business with proven dispatch systems

In any HVAC business, the way you manage your schedule and dispatch determines how much profit you make.

In SBE's Dispatch Champions class, we show how impactful a successful dispatcher can be in increasing the company's revenue. We will teach them how to identify the most common dispatch problems and build a plan to overcome them by understanding the following key elements:

  • Confidently run the dispatch board with a productive schedule
  • Identify & evaluate the key points to helping a technician run a productive call with the dispatch debrief
  • Learn quick & easy ways to get the technician on the right call
  • Create a personal mission statement
  • Create exciting goals and have fun by playing games
  • Walk away with a solid understanding of how to get the right technician on the right call

Testimonial: CSR & Dispatch

Alexander Team

"The SBE trainer flew out to visit us and do a 2-day CSR & Dispatch training. The trainer was friendly, personable, and extremely knowledgeable on the subjects.

100/10 experience. I recommend everyone to book an on-site for their company.

I would even like my dispatchers to take the service champions training to understand the techs' process better when they are with the customer. THANK YOU!"

- Jordan Alexander, Dispatch Manager - Alexander Services

Leadership Champions

Everything you wish you knew when you started your HVAC business

Most contractors know how to work and get stuff done when it comes to working in the field. However, most contractors don’t know what to work on in the business and have a tough time making progress when it comes to “Owner and/or Manager” related responsibilities.

This class will help you:

  • Take command of your business
  • Give yourself the tools and resources required to adapt, adjust, and evolve
  • Create a culture that inspires team excellence
  • Motivate the team toward positive action
  • Take the mystery out of how to get stuff done

You and your leadership team will take away huge ah-ha moments, easy-to-implement tools, and resources.

Testimonials: Leadership Champions

“This course brought a better understanding of a direction to start changes required to grow our business.”

“Really enjoyed the course. It was very helpful and assisted with my issues in our company.“

“Great class. Nice to see not all business training classes are geared towards high-pressure tactics!”

“Excellent course, highly recommend to new and current business owners!”

Marketing Champions

This course is for HVAC owners, managers, and marketers. It will help them evaluate the essential aspects of their marketing and teach them to build their brand for future growth. Your team will walk away with:

  • A vision and value proposition
  • A clear picture of their target market
  • A clear picture of their competition
  • Effective marketing goals
  • A basic marketing plan, and more…

Testimonials: Marketing Champions

“I will benefit from all information in this course. It’s very beneficial for someone who is just starting out or is a marketing master already.”

“SBE is always giving me information that helps me dominate marketing. I went from taking on a marketing position with no expertise to the title of director within a year of taking marketing and other training from SBE. Myself and our business wouldn’t be the same without the training and advice we’ve received from them.”

“I’ve taken training outside of SBE, and their training is second to none. Thank you! I’m training in our marketing department, and this was really helpful to understand it better.”

Financial Champions

Do you want your financials to be organized? Do you want to make sound decisions based on your numbers? Do you want to make more money? If the answer is yes... that evolution begins with Financial Champions.

  • Build a Profit and Loss Structure that is easy to read
  • Clearly define how the company makes money
  • Use key performance indicators to help you evaluate your company by department
  • Identify obstacles and opportunities by department
  • Build a plan to solve the most common problems
  • Practice all the tools from day 1 using your own profit and loss
  • Identify obstacles and opportunities
  • Prioritize projects and build a 12-month financial plan
  • Evaluate your pricing & compensation by department

Testimonials: Financial Champions

“This training was just what I needed to get my financials organized. It opened my eyes to new ideas for our company.”

“This class was well planned out and had many good points that every company could use to improve their financials. Every business owner should take this class.”

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