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HVAC sales training

SBE offers virtual HVAC training and in-person HVAC business training designed exclusively for home service teams. We offer training on a huge range of topics, from HVAC sales, to business coaching, financing, HVAC business operations, CSR, Dispatch, and more.

Our HVAC coaches and specialists that teach our HVAC business courses have decades of experience in their fields. They leverage proven tactics to boost revenues and increase sales. Any HVAC business owner can learn these proven skills and systems, giving your team all you need to grow your business.

Upcoming Training

Service Champions Regional 2‑Day Training

​Learn the Secrets of Million-Dollar HVAC Technicians​

HVAC Sales Training that creates Million-Dollar Techs

Running a HVAC business requires training your team of HVAC techs to sell and to be able to generate revenue.

Without a constant focus on the HVAC sales skills needed to make money - you will begin to fall behind your competitors.

Does your HVAC business have any of these issues?

  • Average Tickets Dropping
  • Closing Rates Dropping
  • Team Morale Suffering
  • Top Performers Leaving
  • Poor Performers Staying
  • Cash Disappearing from Your Pocket

The key to success as a HVAC business owner is to grow a team, and design your business to run itself.

HVAC Sales training is a must if you want your techs to increase revenue, and to boost their average sales. Selling maintenance agreements, IAQ products, and system replacements all require the ability to build trust, and help customers make the right decision.

SBE's Service Champions training is a HVAC sales training course designed to up-skill your techs with the communication skills needed to stand out from your competition.

Upcoming HVAC Sales Training Dates:

  • May 2-3, 2023 - Richmond, VA
  • May 16-17, 2023 - Charlotte, NC
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Leadership Champions Regional 2‑Day Training

How to Transition From the Field to the Office

HVAC Business Coaching to create a profitable business.

Most HVAC contractors know how to take care of the technical parts of the their business.

But, when trying to run their HVAC business and boost their profits, they often have no idea what to do.

HVAC business owners often have a tough time transitioning from Operator to Owner-related responsibilities.

Are you struggling with any of these issues in your HVAC business?

  • Taking financial control of your business
  • Having the right tools and resources to adapt, adjust, and evolve
  • Creating a culture that inspires team excellence
  • Motivating your team to do their best
  • Growing your market share and standing out from the competition

HVAC business coaching will help you to increase revenue, up-skill your team, create systems that help streamline your daily operations.

SBE's Leadership Champions training is a HVAC business coaching course designed to help you transition from the field to the office, and create a successful HVAC business that runs itself.

Upcoming HVAC Business Coaching Training Dates:

  • May 4-5, 2023 - Richmond, VA
  • May 18-19, 2023 - Charlotte, NC
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CSR Champions Regional 2‑Day Training

Make a Great First Impression for Your HVAC Business

Make Your CSR Team the Frontline for Business Success

HVAC business that grow ensure that all new customers are welcomed on the phone, and have their needs taken care of every time.

SBE's popular CSR Champions training, teaches the most common CSR problems and builds a plan to overcome them. They will recognize the importance of their role in the business and be able to impact the business because of it.

  • Identify and evaluate the key points to a successful call using the CSR scorecard
  • Confidently pick up the phone and book appointments on demand
  • Deliver 100% customer satisfaction even with difficult customers
  • Create a personal mission statement
  • Create exciting goals and have fun by playing games
  • Walk away with a CSR dashboard for tracking progress

Upcoming CSR Champions

  • Fall Dates Coming Soon

Dispatch Champions Regional 2‑Day Training

Set Your HVAC Business Up For Success

Build a Profitable Business With Proven Dispatch Systems

In any HVAC business, the way you manage your schedule and dispatch determines how much profit you make.

In SBE's Dispatch Champions class, we show how impactful a successful dispatcher can be in increasing the company's revenue. We will teach them how to identify the most common dispatch problems and build a plan to overcome them by understanding the following key elements:

  • Confidently run the dispatch board with a productive schedule
  • Identify & evaluate the key points to helping a technician run a productive call with the dispatch debrief
  • Learn quick & easy ways to get the technician on the right call
  • Create a personal mission statement
  • Create exciting goals and have fun by playing games
  • Walk away with a solid understanding of how to get the right technician on the right call

Upcoming Dispatch Champions

  • Fall Dates Coming Soon

Regional Training

  • Service Champions Navy

    Service Champions

    This 2-day HVAC sales training gives your technicians the fundamental skills and processes needed to increase revenue. This is where it all starts.

  • CSR Champions Navy

    CSR Champions

    CSR & Dispatchers have more impact on HVAC revenue than any other role in your company. This series teaches the skills to provide great customer service while increasing revenue.

  • Leadership Champions Navy

    Leadership Champions

    During this 2-day training, we help you build a structure that maintains open lines of communication, resolves conflicts, and helps you consistently communicate in a positive manner while still holding everyone in the HVAC business accountable for results.

  • Sales Champions Navy

    Sales Champions

    This 2-day virtual sales training gives your salespeople the skills and process to close more high-ticket sales.

Virtual HVAC Training

SBE Odyssey Program

Unlimited Access to all SBE Virtual HVAC Training

Running a HVAC business means you are often too busy to attend in-person training and coaching sessions. SBE now offers virtual HVAC training and business coaching for your team.

As a part of the SBE Odyssey Program, you get unlimited access to our virtual HVAC training programs.

Nothing produces results faster than regular coaching after virtual HVAC training. Every HVAC business training topic reoccurs every month and you and team can attend as often as you want virtually.

HVAC Virtual training topics include: HVAC Marketing, CSR, Dispatch, HVAC Service, HVAC Sales, Install, HVAC Business Financials, and HVAC Business Planning.

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On‑site Training

When you want...

to get the fastest results possible

SBE trainers will fly directly to you and provide custom HVAC training for your HVAC service team, your CSR and Dispatch team anywhere in North America. Everything we teach in our virtual and regional events, we teach in the comfort of your facility and we customize it to what your team wants and needs.

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Why Train Your Team with SBE?

Build a Team of Million‑Dollar HVAC Techs

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Most HVAC business owners don't realize the amount of opportunity in their current team. You don't need to hire more technicians to grow your HVAC business. The SBE Odyssey program teaches your existing HVAC techs how to double and triple their current sales revenues with proven sales techniques that work. Technicians who go through the Odyssey Program average annual sales of over $900,000, with our top 50 techs bringing in $1,000,000+!

Same Team, Better Results


We have courses designed for every member of your HVAC team, including comfort consultants, HVAC service technicians, CSRs, Dispatch, Accountants, and of course, your management and team leads. Every HVAC training course taken by your team is another opportunity to drive new sales and grow more revenue.

More Courses, More Opportunities

General Session Whats you why Full room

SBE adds courses to our University on a regular basis. We also plan to expand the courses we already have with more class sessions, training guides, worksheets, and more.

We've Helped Nearly 1,000 Businesses Achieve Financial Freedom

  • 900+Businesses that have trained with SBE

  • 23%Average YOY revenue growth of our clients

  • 12.5%Net profit growth earned by our clients

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Case Study

Kellam Mechanical's revenues have increased by 25% every year since joining SBE

When Kellam Mechanical reached out to SBE, they were struggling to find a solution for revenue growth, which had plateaued around $3 million. With the help of SBE classes and personal coaching, their revenue numbers exploded to over $8 million.

Kellam Mechanical's coaching highlights:

  • From 3mm to 8mm+ in just 7 years
  • 25% revenue growth every year since 2015
  • Double-digit net profits every year since 2015

Want to achieve your goals even faster? Become an Odyssey Member!

Members of the Odyssey Program receive...

  • Access to all on-demand courses

  • Access to all LIVE training events

  • Access to LIVE one-on-one coaching

  • Course workbooks & assessments

  • Monthly coaching report

  • Access to the SBE app & dashboard for tracking & coaching

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“I cannot say enough great things about the SBE team!”

If you embrace their philosophies, there will be a measurable impact on your business. I cannot say enough great things about the SBE team!

Blake Harris, President, Harris Air Services LLC

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