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We offer training on a huge range of topics, from HVAC sales to business coaching, financing, HVAC business operations, CSR, Dispatch, and more.

On Site Training Air Solutions

Our HVAC coaches and specialists who teach our HVAC business courses have decades of experience in their fields. They leverage proven tactics to boost revenues and increase sales. Any HVAC business owner can learn these proven skills and systems, giving your team all you need to grow your business.

All of our HVAC business coaching courses were developed by topic specialists and business leaders who have built 8-figure HVAC companies from scratch. Learn the systems and skills to take your HVAC business to the next level and stand head and shoulders above your competition.

Case Study

Kellam Mechanical's revenues have increased by 25% every year since joining SBE

When Kellam Mechanical reached out to SBE, they were struggling to find a solution for revenue growth, which had plateaued at around $3 million. With the help of SBE classes and personal coaching, their revenue numbers exploded to over $8 million.

Kellam Mechanical's coaching highlights:

  • From 3mm to 8mm+ in just 7 years
  • 25% revenue growth every year since 2015
  • Double-digit net profits every year since 2015

Trusted Technician

SBE’s flagship training, The Trusted Technician, is the gold standard for HVAC Sales Training.

To date, we have trained over 500 technicians and created over $50 Million-dollar revenue technicians. ​Learn what the best HVAC technicians know to build trust, move sales forward, and grow your business revenue.

Running an HVAC business today requires HVAC techs to be able to communicate and sell effectively. Whether it is repairs, add-ons, or full system replacements, HVAC technicians need to know how to get customers to agree to buy.

Without a constant focus on HVAC sales training, you will fall behind your competitors.

The Average HVAC Technician Has Poor Sales Skills

Does your team of technicians have any of the following issues?

  • Low Average Tickets less than $250 per call

  • Closing Rates Less than 15%

  • Top Performers Leaving or Losing Motivation

  • Poor Performers Staying and Just Scraping by

If so, it’s likely you need to upskill and train your techs to be better at sales and communicating with homeowners.

Field Tested HVAC Training That Works

HVAC Sales training is a must if you want your techs to increase revenue and boost their average sales.

Selling maintenance agreements, IAQ products, and HVAC system replacements all require the ability to build trust and help customers make the right decision.

SBE's Trusted Technician training is an HVAC sales training course designed to up-skill your techs with the communication skills needed to stand out from your competition.

​Learn the proven systems and secrets of million-dollar HVAC service technicians.

The Trusted Technician HVAC training will help you to:

Eliminate distractions of the day-to-day operations in your business while preparing your teams to crush and dominate your competition.

CSR & Dispatch

CSR Champions

A skilled CSR team is essential to make a great first impression for your HVAC business.

HVAC businesses that grow ensure that all new customers are welcomed on the phone and have their needs taken care of every time.

SBE's popular CSR Champions training teaches the most common CSR problems and builds a plan to overcome them. They will recognize the importance of their role in the business and be able to impact the business because of it.

Dispatch Champions

In any HVAC business, how you manage your schedule and dispatch determines how much profit you make.

In SBE's Dispatch Champions training, we show how impactful a successful dispatcher can be in increasing the company's revenue. We will teach them how to identify the most common dispatch problems and build a plan to overcome them by understanding the following key elements:

Financial Champions

Most Home Services business owners have a very uncertain handle on their financial plans and struggle to keep on top of their numbers.

Do you want your business finances to be organized? Do you want to make sound decisions based on your numbers? Do you want to make more money? If the answer is yes... that evolution begins with Financial Champions.

Leadership Champions

Everything you wish you knew when you started your HVAC business

Most contractors know how to work and get stuff done when it comes to working in the field. However, most contractors don’t know what to work on in the business and have a tough time making progress when it comes to “Owner and/or Manager-related” responsibilities.

This training will help you:

You and your leadership team will take away huge ah-ha moments, easy-to-implement tools, and resources.

Marketing Champions

This course is for HVAC owners, managers, and marketers. It will help them evaluate the essential aspects of their marketing and teach them to build their brand for future growth.

Your team will walk away with:


“I cannot say enough great things about the SBE team!”

If you embrace their philosophies, there will be a measurable impact on your business. I cannot say enough great things about the SBE team!

Blake Harris, President, Harris Air Services LLC

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