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Top 5 Ways To Maximize HVAC Maintenance Visits

Many HVAC technicians do not enjoy running maintenance visits for their Maintenance Agreement customers. By viewing it as a chore rather than an opportunity, they rush through it, barely engage with the homeowner, and self prophetically find little of value (both to them and the homeowner).

The truth is these maintenance visits are one of the most valuable assets of an HVAC company. But that won't be realized until there is a consistent process to follow.

Below are the top 5 ways to turn these visits into HVAC maintenance high value for you and your customer.

For even more on making the most of your maintenance visits, listen to the Trusted Technician Podcast episode 4.

The Trusted Technician Podcast


1. Make a Great First Impression

There is a trust deficit in the HVAC industry. You must get every relationship with customers started in a way that makes you different from the other technicians and companies they have had at their home. From making a good call ahead to parking in the right spot, create a process that is an amazing first impression, and do it consistently!

2. Include the Homeowner

Before grabbing your tools and getting to work, ask the homeowner to walk through the house with you. Get them involved! invite them to join you while you perform the maintenance. Pay attention to details in the house and ask the homeowner questions to understand how the homeowner feels about their system, air quality, and comfort in their home.

3. Follow a Consistent Process 100% of the Time

Don't make assumptions about the home or your customer. Be thorough, ask all the questions, and follow up with even more questions. Use a checklist to make sure you test and evaluate every component of the home's system. Don't miss things and share everything you find with the customer.

4. Slow Down and Uncover Problems

If you are running maintenance calls and not discovering things that need attention, you likely are rushing and overlooking many opportunities to solve problems. Whether it's high energy bills, noises, dirt, rust, or other IAQ issues, find the pain points of your customers and help them connect the dots to what you uncover in their system.

5. Document Everything with Photos and Videos

Not only should you be using photos and videos to share information during the visit with the homeowner, but they can also be used on future visits. It is powerful to show the homeowner changes in their system over time.

If you need help implementing these items to improve your maintenance visits, register for one of our upcoming Service Champions trainings.

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