A Proven Way to Build a Business That Runs Itself

“There has to be a better way to run my business.”

Starting a business takes guts, ambition, and optimism. But after a few years of running that business, most owners fall prey to doubt, frustration, and pessimism. The challenge is growth. A business needs more revenue to grow. But it needs growth to achieve more revenue.

This vicious cycle prevents business owners from achieving important life goals such as:

  • Achieving the financial freedom they want when they retire
  • Leaving behind a legacy of service to their local communities
  • Creating better opportunities for their employees

Most business owners lose their ambitions and settle for less after just a few years in business. What they don't realize is that those ambitions are still possible without any additional assets or employees.

Odyssey Is a Journey Toward Growth, Profit, and Success

The Odyssey Program helps business owners grow their companies without resorting to bank loans and more debt. A mentor is selected from our talent pool of coaches to help guide you toward profitability using only the team you have right now.

Most importantly, Odyssey is proven to work. The Odyssey Program is based on the evolution of our business. What worked 20 years ago doesn't work today. We evolved because the market changed. And it worked. Today, we pass this knowledge onto contractors across North America.

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The Journey Toward Sustainable Growth Begins with Odyssey.

Phase One: Make Money

Residential HVAC Sales Training

We fix the sales side of the business first. Without cash, there is no business. This includes pricing, compensation, financials, sales, service, CSR, marketing, and leadership.

Phase Two: Make it Scalable

David training in Miami

We fix the operations side of the business. Once we have a big pile of cash, we go to work on solving people and process problems. During this step, we uncover your future leaders.

Phase Three: Make it Sustainable

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We mentor those new leaders. They start running the business for you. The business runs itself.

We've Helped Nearly 1,000 Businesses Achieve Financial Freedom

  • 900+Businesses that have trained with SBE

  • 23%Average YOY revenue growth of our clients

  • 12.5%Net profit growth earned by our clients

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Case Study

Wally Falke's owner created a legacy for his family.

This second-generation owner struggled for decades to increase his revenue and barely made a profit. Within the first 18 months with SBE, he grew his business 100% with a 16% net.

Wally Falke's coaching highlights:

  • Double-digit net profits for 8 years running
  • 2x sales in the first year
  • $400k in bank reserves in the first year

Odyssey is the opportunity you've been looking for

Members of the Odyssey Program receive...

  • Access to all on-demand courses

  • Access to all LIVE training events

  • Access to LIVE one-on-one coaching

  • Course workbooks & assessments

  • Monthly coaching report

  • Access to the SBE app & dashboard for tracking & coaching

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We Have the Perfect Mentor for Your Business

Happy Contractor Wally Falkes with Coach Rick Hess

Odyssey members are assigned a coach from day one. Every member of our coaching and training staff has successfully owned a business. We have multiple MBAs on the team and a Doctorate. With over 273 years of combined business experience, there isn't any business problem we can't help you solve.

“We have seen tremendous growth since we joined SBE”

We have seen tremendous growth since we joined SBE. SBE positioned the concept of coaching in a whole new light for us which has had a huge impact on our performance. Watching our sales and profits grow makes me smile, but seeing the loyalty from happy employees who have had their lives changed dramatically for the better is the most rewarding part. SBE has also fit our culture and helps us build lifelong customers who are the lifeblood of our company. Thank you, Service Business Evolution!

Scott Kellam, President, Kellam Mechanical

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