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Recruiting Gen Z's To Your HVAC Business

Generation Z, also known as the “zoomers,” are the generation following the Millennials and generally individuals born after 1996. This now places the oldest of Gen Z in their early to mid-twenties and means this is the generation that you need to be hiring into your business!

Gen Z is not only one of the most educated and knowledgeable generations ever (they did after all grow up their whole lives with the internet), but they are also the most racially and ethnically diverse generation in U.S. history. Because of this, Gen Z brings new points of view and unique talents into the workforce.

Those unique talents and skills include; high problem-solving skills, true digital and technology savvy, and passion for the work they are doing.

To attract this new generation of talent, most employers are going to need to modify the way they think about recruitment.

1. Higher Demand for Flexibility

Gen Z's are the opposite of lazy, in fact, they as a generation are trying to do and solve everything. They have many activities and causes they are involved with and they are seeking flexibility in their work schedules and hours. Employers need to rethink the traditional Monday-Friday 9-5 mentality and have the flexibility to attract and train these new workers.

2. Focus on Growth and Development

There is a shift happening in the desired benefits from companies. While the previous generations placed a high level of importance on pay, health insurance, and retirement planning, Gen Z desires support, assistance, mentorship, and a clear career path. Encouraging creative thinking, leadership development, and providing ongoing feedback are ways that employers can not only recruit Gen Z employees but also retain them.

3. Have Strong Purpose and Value

For Gen Z, just doing the work is not enough, they need to know the "Why". As a highly socially conscious generation, they want to be part of companies with strong cultures who do business for the right reasons. Your recruitment process needs to highlight your company's core values and mission statement.

If you would like to learn more about recruiting Gen Z's and building a future-proof multi-generational workforce in your business, make sure to attend our next Annual Conference.

Recruiting Gen Z's To Your HVAC Business

Derrek Hofrichter