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The Big Picture Consulting, LLC

Personalized Human Resources & Safety Compliance Solutions for the Trades

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The Big Picture Consulting provides essential HR and safety compliance solutions to businesses nationwide, helping take care of the technicalities to give you peace of mind. We focus on HVAC, electrical, and other service providers, and offer expertise in topics vital to the trades like overtime compliance and company-owned vehicle policies.

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How can The Big Picture Consulting help your business?

We provide:

  • Foundational HR support and documents for hiring, terminations, etc.
  • Employee handbook creation
  • OSHA-compliant safety manual and ongoing training materials
  • Payroll compliance reviews, including a complete overhaul, if needed
  • And best of all: on-call, objective expertise for all your employee management questions!
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Providing SBE Members with Vital HR and Compliance Support

You didn’t start a business to stress over HR and safety compliance matters, did you? At The Big Picture Consulting, we thrive on challenges other people avoid. We know how to help companies like yours because we work in your industry every day. And trust us, you'd rather have us identify what's wrong at your company than OSHA or the DOL!

Discounted Pricing for SBE Members

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SBE members who sign up for a BPC retainer account receive 50% off the set-up fee and $25 off per month! This exclusive pricing gives you unlimited access to professional HR and Safety consultants.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What makes The Big Picture Consulting different from other HR consulting companies?

  • I live in a state with a lot of unique regulations. Are you up on the details of every single state?