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Skillcat is the all‑in‑one HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical training platform to help you create skilled tradespeople and technicians.

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Skillcat is the #1 platform HVAC training, Electrical training, and Plumbing training platform for contractors looking to get certification for their skilled trade workers. Skillcat has trained over 100,000 technicians, and offers over 300 hours of HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, Appliance Repair & Maintenance training.

With our premier HVAC training, Plumbing training, and Electrical virtual training tools, you’ll be able to provide every employee with the accredited training they need to succeed.

With extensive training for both residential systems and commercial systems, our students are able to grow their certification within the industry.

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Webinar with Brendan Arsenault with SkillCat

Finding Techs is Hard, and It's Going to Get Worse

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Are You Currently Being Proactive in Finding and Keeping Technicians?

There are currently 3 HVAC Technicians leaving the trades for every 1 new one who joins. If you think it is hard to find technicians now, just wait until 2028, when there will be an expected 3 million open and unfilled technician positions across the US.

The time to take proactive action is now. Join in this webinar with Skillcat who is leading the way on providing the solutions to this problem and setting companies up for a huge competitive advantage.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What is causing this departure from the trades
  • Why traditional hiring ways rarely work anymore
  • How to keep the technicians you do hire
  • How to develop an apprentice program so that you are prepared for all stages of growth in your business

Duration: 30 minutes

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We are excited to announce that SkillCat now has access to the full range of HVAC learning materials from Nexstar/Nextech Academy!

Nexstar Skill Cat

This partnership allows us to provide our members with comprehensive training resources that cover everything from basic concepts to advanced techniques, bringing more than 400+ hours of training outside of what was only available to Nexstar members to the public. Whether you're just starting a new hire in the HVAC industry or looking to sharpen your experienced techs skills, SkillCat's platform is your go-to destination for high-quality educational content. Join us as we bridge the gap between industry expertise and accessible learning, ensuring every HVAC professional has the tools they need to succeed.

Why Choose Skillcat HVAC School?

Skill can help non-college educated workers to gain industry experience and certification while working on your team. Whether your technicians need to learn HVAC basic science, complete residential systems, air handling, routine maintenance, or electrical troubleshooting, Skillcat has you covered.

Our HVAC technical training programs includes courses with virtual simulations that train for real-life experiences.

  • Flexible, self-Paced HVAC Training Programs
  • Complete Online HVAC School for certification
  • 300+ hours of HVACR training: EPA 608 Certification, Courses on Air Conditioning, Heating, Cooling, Repair, Maintenance & Refrigeration Systems

Skillcat’s world-class virtual HVAC training standardizes processes across your company — ensuring that blue collar workers provide quality work and keep customers happy.

A skilled HVAC technician team will increase profitability, and ensure long-term success for your company.

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Also, get a 14-day free trial, which allows you to try SkillCat for free with no limit on users and no credit card required!

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