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Rilla is the leading speech analytics software for the trades


Rilla is bringing the end of ridealongs. That means when your reps go out and talk to homeowners in the home, they record their conversations with our mobile app. We use AI to automatically transcribe, analyze, and give them feedback to improve their close rates and help their sales managers save dozens of hours every month.

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Robert Maverick, Sales Director @ Best Air Conditioning

“December was one of our best months in the year. For our plumbing team, we were floating around $1,400 for RPL. Now it's around $3,000. For HVAC, same story. The jump was $2,000 to $3,000. The numbers speak for themselves, and we're huge believers in it. I'll be a reference for anyone who's considering Rilla.”

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  • 40%Average increase in close rate

  • 8xTime savings for managers

  • 17%Increase in average ticket size

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As a member of SBE, you are entitled to an exclusive rebate on your Rilla licenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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