OMG for Current Employees

Objective Management Group

Why Take It?

Each Service or Sales Champions Training participant is recommended to take an OMG Evaluation (Sales Insights). The OMG results will be referenced during the Service & Sales Champions Trainings. It will help build an individualized development and coaching plan, giving the Coach and the Comfort Consultant or Technician a road map of their training.

Types of OMG Evaluations (Sales Insights)

OMG for Technicians/ Comfort Consultants/ Territory Managers: The standard Sales Evaluation. This individual does not have any direct reports.
OMG for Sales/ Service Managers: Geared toward Managers that have technicians and/or salespeople directly reporting to them.
OMG for Owners, VPs, and General Managers: Geared toward individuals that have Managers reporting to them.
OMG Checkpoint: A Checkpoint is free and can be requested 9-18 months after an OMG Evaluation has been taken. The Checkpoint gives you a side-by-side comparison from your initial Evaluation to now. Only 1 checkpoint may be requested per purchased OMG Evaluation. If the OMG Evaluation was purchased more than 18 months ago, a new OMG Evaluation must be purchased.