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Force Fleet Tracking is proud to partner with SBE to enhance fleet operations for member businesses.

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Fleet vehicles are a major asset for service businesses, but they can also be a major liability. Force Fleet Tracking gives operators visibility to their vehicles in the field, including real-time location, driving behavior analytics, and vehicle health monitoring, all for one low monthly price.

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Did you miss our webinar?

Webinar with John Kroboth & Justin Clary from Force Fleet Tracking

Driving Success: Unleashing the Power of GPS for Streamlined Operations and Savings in Your Fleet Management

Watch the webinar replay as John Kroboth and Justin Clary from Force Fleet Tracking discuss how using the Force GPS vehicle tracking solution provides peace of mind and cost savings for business owners and managers.

They will talk about the importance of real-time tracking of company vehicles, driver safety, and vehicle health/ maintenance. The Force Fleet Tracking team is passionate about helping home service businesses streamline operations and reduce costs.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to increase driver accountability through real-time tracking.
  • How to improve customer service by sharing driver locations with your customers.
  • Viewing trip history, including start/end times, start/end addresses, duration in minutes, and mileage of each trip.
  • Keep track of your vehicles coming to and from the workplace using geofences.
  • How to save $ on fuel and maintenance through the use of idling reports and maintenance alerts.
  • How to improve safety and security through the use of driver safety scores and reports.
  • Receive the best pricing and a 10% rebate on a Force Fleet Tracking subscription for your business.

Duration: 30 minutes

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What is Force Fleet Tracking?

Force Fleet Tracking is a fleet management company that provides valuable data on when, where, and how your vehicles are being driven. Our product includes an easy-to-install device that monitors your vehicles in the field and makes the data available to you in our online dashboard or mobile app.

  • 96%of our customers are likely to recommend Force

  • 10,000+vehicles use Force every day

  • 75%of our customers operate service businesses

Force Fleet Tracking focuses on three main pillars of vehicle monitoring

1. Vehicle Location Get real-time vehicle location, whether parked or on the road

2. Driving Behavior – Evaluate driving behavior and review high-risk behaviors like speeding, rapid acceleration, and harsh braking

3. Vehicle Health – Get notified of Vehicle Health issues like diagnostic codes and low battery charge

Exclusive Offer for SBE Members!

Force Fleet 30 Day Money Back

SBE Members are eligible for a 10% quarterly rebate on subscription costs for Force Fleet Tracking. Our retail price is $20 per vehicle per month. After the rebate, SBE members get ForceFleet Tracking for $18 per vehicle per month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How can I get an overview of the product prior to placing an order?