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Leverage next-generation technology and the high-quality work you’re already doing to sell more on-site. Conduit Tech is the first LiDAR-enabled load calculation & sales tooling built exclusively for HVAC Pros. Wow your customers every time with customized 3D models, 2D-floor plans, load calculations, and advanced HVAC visualizations.

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Many HVAC companies are still using an "Old School" sales process and strategies that just aren't keeping up with the modern buyer and the current economy.

In this training, you will learn how and why customers have changed and what caused it. You will also learn to distinguish between the previous ways of selling and the more modern way that empowers the modern buyer. You will leave with some strategies that will improve close rates and higher average sales.

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Closing More Deals with Load Calculations- Shelby Breger, co-founder at Conduit Tech, leads a 30-minute class on load calculations and how they can transform the HVAC Sales process.

How Conduit Tech Can Help You Grow

Conduit Tech’s software enables a consistent, high-quality sales process every time - while helping your Pros stand out from your competition. Sales Pros & Techs win with greater sales conversion on high-efficiency jobs - and everyone wins with enhanced accuracy on those jobs.

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  • <15 min.Or less to build a high‑quality load calculation, automated sales tooling, and HVAC visualizations.

  • 30+We have worked with HVAC Pros in over 30 states.

Supercharge Your HVAC Sales

Stand out from the competition by using Conduit’s customized insights and give your customers expert knowledge of their homes.

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