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Keys for Hiring the Right Fit

Recently, SBE President Kelcey Summers was interviewed about the process she used to build her team. Her goal was to build a talented and collaborative team that could help her scale the business. It took a little bit of trial and error, but by finding and sticking to a process she was able to accomplish her goal.

What she discovered can help grow any team, especially your HVAC and home services company.

Key Points to Hiring the Right Fit:

1. Know who you are as a company

By establishing a set of core values that speaks to who you are as a company you can better determine if the candidate will fit into the company. Spending time now to explore what those values are will save you time later on, as well as add clarity to the process.

2. Paint a vision

Hiring is marketing! Use the career page of your website and any job ads to give potential employees a vision. Speak to their calling and how they see themselves. The best job ads paint a vision of who they want to become. Use photos of your team that highlight your culture that the person who is the right fit would see and want to join.

3. Use assessments as part of the process

There are some free personalities assessments as well as paid evaluations that should be used to help with finding the right culture fit. Use these to find strengths/weaknesses, understand where the employee will need training and coaching, and know what motivates and de-motivates them. Get to know your candidates at a deeper level.

4. Collaborate and recruit throughout the hiring process

Most potential candidates right now have many choices for employment. It's not enough to just interview, offer, and then wait for their start date. To attract and acquire the best talent there needs to be an interview process that brings in many team members and builds a relationship first. Keep contact, make them feel welcomed, and thoughtfully include them even before their first day of work.

5. Be authentic and have fun

Live and breathe your core values. Have fun, celebrate wins together, and listen to feedback. Build the type of company and culture that will attract who you need to help you scale your business.

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