Aleks Ozgur


After obtaining her degree in Business Management, Aleks’s entrepreneurial spirit drove her to start her career with a true challenge – a startup.

During the rollercoaster ups and downs of working with a startup, Aleks realized her true passion. A passion for changing lives and helping others achieve their goals. To pursue that passion, she became a Coach and Trainer at SBE. Then, she quickly became a staple in our company and rose to the occasion to become our Coaching & Training Operations Manager.

She now works with 30 contractors across the US and Canada, ranging from startups to multi-million dollar organizations. Helping business owners, managers, and technicians set and achieve their goals every day. She is a certified trainer and the Chair of multiple Technician and Owner Mastermind Groups.

She has a proven track record of helping businesses make money, coaching technicians and comfort consultants to reach the top 100, and guiding owners to live the life they dreamt of.