Jeremy, Owner
Member since March 2016, located in Maryland.

Tom, Owner
Member since March 2016, located in Oklahoma.

Beth, Technician
Member since March 2016, located in Arkansas.

Lanier, Owner
Member since December 2014, located in Tennessee.

December 12, 2019

“I was in your SBE technician boot camp December 9-11th. I just wanted to call and tell you, thank you again. I was able to use everything that we learned in the class in the last 3 days.  On my very first call this morning, I took a $0 maintenance ticket and I was able to turn it into a $550 ticket based on everything we practiced in class.”

“I just wanted to tell you it’s an awesome feeling and thank you, thank you, thank you for this training!”

Bill, Technician from Longwood, FL
SBE member since 1/17

September 8, 2017

“We learned that we need to coach our dispatch staff on how to use the Raise the Bar tool and are going to start having Monday morning meetings with them. This way they can discuss the techs and who is above and below the bar.

Brian Lawler, General Manager
2nd Wind Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.
SBE member since 2/17

August 8, 2017

“We have done our best to follow the program. It takes a lot of effort but the rewards of that effort were tenfold.  It has changed our culture in our service department. Our profit is on the upswing and our techs are seeing greater pay.

Jasn Daniell, Owner
Daniell Heat & Air
SBE member since 3/16

January 24, 2017

“We have been involved with several other business training programs over the years that have never produced any results. I look back on these programs as well as other programs today, and see the waste of time and money. The SBE program is different. It is a very organized approach which concentrates on the important things first, and moves outward from there, while providing coaching and support each step in the process. You can actually see the results along the way and it gets everyone very excited.”

“I look forward to continuing the program in the years to come, and would strongly recommend it to other contractors as well. The SBE program will develop contractors and their companies into professional and profitable organizations.

Tom Kale, Owner
Kale Company Heating and A/C
SBE member since 1/14

“I have seen tremendous value in the SBE program.  Will Smith has done a tremendous job helping me understand the importance of coaching versus managing my team. If you embrace their philosophies, there will be a measurable impact on your business. I cannot say enough great things about Will and the entire SBE team!”

Blake Harris,  President
Harris Air Services, LLC
SBE member since 1/15

December 18, 2016

“We are a 41 year old business that is now being operated by 2nd generation of family.  Our business had hit a plateau in sales revenue. Once we joined SBE and implemented the one on one coaching with our technicians and allowed our technicians to sell systems, we are currently on point to see a 17% growth in our business this year, which is only our 2nd year practicing the SBE process in our business”

Owner from Richmond, VA area

April, 2016

“I just wanted to tell y’all about something that I was both excited about and very appreciative of your training.  Just like many people, last week, I was finishing up our taxes with the accountant, and I actually found an error that he made resulting in a $18,000 decrease in the amount of taxes that I had to pay, had it not been for your training I would not have known how to double check his figures and would have paid what he said, after all he is the accountant right?  Wrong!!!  It’s my money!!!!”
Thanks again, 

Contractor from Pine Bluff, AR area
SBE member since 1/15


June, 2017

“I’m often overwhelmed by having to do so many things here. Dennis helps me focus and get things done and even though it often feels like I’m not doing things well enough (like coaching the service guys like I should) or get enough done a lot of progress has been made. I know we have a super long way to go but I feel that working with SBE has been the single best decision that’s ever been made at this company. Thank you so so much.”
Manager from Cashton, WI

May, 2017

“Interesting call this morning, and probably the best one so far with Michael. The rest of our team couldn’t make the phone call so it was just me. Got hit this morning with the idea that one of our service technicians could be leaving our company, 1 of a total 3. Michael could hear and see the anxiousness that this caused. He listened to me, keyed into details I was giving and helped me through it. Turned the call complete around, refocused to look at what was important, the DATA, and walked me through it. Made suggestions to how to address the issue.  It was just great. Not something we were expecting, but changed the game plan for today’s call without missing a step (almost like he was anticipating the problem). Left the call pumped, refocused, and ready to attack the issue. Very supportive. Pretty awesome job Michael! Good one to keep on the payroll.”
Manager from Escondido, CA

May, 2017

“Will is awesome. And now that I have completed a boot camp, I realize his ‘Jedi mind tricks’ are all part of the coaching, questioning and listening process. I can’t stress enough how much we enjoy having Will as our coach and partner!”
VP/Coach from Charlotte, NC

May, 2017

“Kirkley is definitely [our company’s] greatest asset.”
Owner from Pine Bluff, AR

May, 2017

“That Will is our business therapist. All that is missing is the couch.”
Owner from Oakland, CA

May, 2017

“[Our ah-ha moment was] when she [Laura] showed us how the pricing spreadsheet would immediately let us see how commissions affected the gross margin of repairs and how easy it is to adjust your flat rate. Just have her come work here! Only kidding we know you would not let her go…”
VP/Coach from Fort Worth, TX

March, 2017

“Kirk continues to be able to keep us on track by reviewing some material, bringing fresh ideas at times and always makes us feel good about the progress we are making!”
Owner from Gardner, KS

March, 2017

“[Our most useful coaching on our recent call was] setting achievable goals. It’s hard to stay focused when you wear many hats. It’s easy to do what it’s the norm. Dennis works hard on keeping us focused.”
Service Manager from Charlotte, NC