Slide WE ARE PROUD OF OUR TECHNICIANS, COMFORT CONSULTANTS, AND PLUMBERS! Award recipients will receive special recognition including: • Signage with names of award recipients throughout event
• Crystal award, given during award ceremony
• Special ​ribbon displayed ​on their name badge
• Invitation only Champagne Toast Reception (All Levels)
AWARD LEVELS Club Level Tech Revenue Comfort Consultant Revenue Plumber Revenue Bronze Silver Gold
Above & Beyond $500k-$749,999 $750k-$999,999 $350k-$449,999 $750k-$999,999 $1M-$1,499,999 $450k-$549,999 $1M-$1,499,999
$1.5M+ $2.0M+ $750k+ QUALIFYING RULES • Qualifying revenue time frame: 1/1/20-12/31/20
• Revenue MUST be entered and verified in the SBE app
• Qualifying technician/comfort consultant/plumber must have been in the SBE
All jobs must be logged into the app by December 31, 2020 to qualify for awards! All technicians, comfort consultants, and plumbers with revenue numbers that qualify them for Gold, Silver or Bronze for 2020 will receive a certificate of achievement. ONLY recipients who are attending the awards ceremony in Phoenix, AZ will be presented with a personalized award trophy. Owners may accept an award on behalf of the technician. To request an award be ordered and mailed to you for a fee plus shipping costs, please contact us at 602-904-3548. To request a certificate to be emailed to you, please contact program since 6/1/20 In addition, all award recipients must be registered for the conference no later than January 10, 2021 to receive a trophy. Due to a minimum requirement of time to order trophies.