Technician Rankings as of 12/31/2019

1Russell's Heating & CoolingJustin S.$1,418,009.98
2Kale Heating & Air ConditioningJoe H.$1,316,251.25
3George BrazilBrian P.$1,312,403.71
4First Choice A/C & Heating Inc.Silvester S.$1,289,013.68
5Gary P. FrankGuy P.$1,266,653.00
6Happy Home Heating & CoolingAlex R.$1,263,523.06
7Russell's Heating & CoolingBerto A.$1,238,482.02
8Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalWendell W.$1,227,809.75
9Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncMicah M.$1,227,547.19
10Reliable AirEdgar A.$1,184,564.12
11Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalTim T.$1,089,637.00
12George BrazilMykel S.$1,087,171.58
13Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalJonathan T.$1,064,706.00
14George BrazilHarlan F.$1,024,336.33
15Crossville Heating and Cooling Inc.Barry T.$1,021,067.27
16George BrazilLance D.$1,017,633.68
17Kellam MechanicalChris C.$1,012,314.98
18Mitchell Itak, Inc.Larry S.$1,007,342.90
19Harris Air Service LLCAustin D.$985,934.41
20George BrazilChris E.$957,044.75
21George BrazilDerek A.$947,716.73
22Fresh Air, L.P.Chuck M.$945,007.18
23George BrazilMike F.$943,722.72
24George BrazilGarrett D.$917,819.17
25Liberty Mechanical Inc. Heating and Air ConditioningJake P.$905,093.81
26Peck Heating and Air ConditioningJohn H.$900,108.60
27DuncoJason F.$866,720.40
28Kellam MechanicalMorgan B.$862,600.79
29George BrazilKelley O.$859,929.19
30George BrazilTodd R.$843,629.86
31George BrazilJason Z.$823,200.71
32Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningJaime T.$801,762.69
33Dale's Heating & Air Inc.Andrew B.$791,068.41
34Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning CompanyAaron B.$782,868.00
35George BrazilRusty E.$781,623.81
36Blair Heating & AirRay C.$779,012.61
37George BrazilManny D.$750,969.12
38McCoys Heating & Air Inc.JM M.$734,313.50
39Comfort NowIsrael L.$725,284.99
40E & E Plumbing and HeatingThad M.$713,285.00
41Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalCaleb H.$709,929.80
42E & E Plumbing and HeatingStephen H.$704,047.36
43George BrazilMike J.$687,064.81
44Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningRicky G.$676,052.91
45Reliable AirLuis M.$661,011.53
46Reliable AirMitchell W.$645,499.22
47Aqua Plumbing & Air Services, Inc.Mark R.$645,240.27
48George BrazilSean O.$618,947.33
49Kellam MechanicalTerrence B.$616,408.02
50DuncoSteve T.$613,906.34
51Phoenix Air Conditioning LLCCory C.$610,712.87
52Horne Heating and Air ConditioningBobby S.$597,220.93
53Blair Heating & AirJustin B.$596,083.97
54George BrazilLuis L.$591,646.55
55George BrazilRoy H.$590,122.97
56J & J Heating & AirCarlos R.$589,425.72
57A/C Masters, Inc.Robert A.$586,753.68
58Webb Air Conditioning Co.Brandon B.$581,922.95
59Daniell Heat & AirBeth M.$581,671.61
60Santa Fe AirMark W.$580,142.95
61Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningJose B.$569,592.59
62Webb Air Conditioning Co.Jason R.$568,473.52
63George BrazilCaleb H.$562,751.61
64Two AmigosEddie S.$561,603.03
65AnonymousJeffrey H.$559,760.85
66George BrazilHank W.$550,504.10
67Nicholsons Heating and AirJason K.$541,918.86
68Plumbing MastersMike P.$539,458.39
69AnonymousChristopher F.$537,362.72
70Kellam MechanicalDean A.$534,841.90
71Comfort NowManny B.$530,227.10
72Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncDon C.$528,623.89
73All Service Heat & AirBrandon B.$526,487.21
74George BrazilJason G.$524,821.39
75George BrazilRose M.$523,410.56
76Harris Air Service LLCJoshua C.$520,744.52
77Kellam MechanicalThomas B.$520,550.05
78Universal Heating & Cooling Inc.Mike T.$515,973.72
79Horne Heating and Air ConditioningAustin H.$510,206.28
80Mitchell Itak, Inc.Julian J.$509,130.71
81A/C Masters, Inc.Scott A.$479,091.31
82Sudden ServiceShaun C.$469,771.87
83Air SpecialtyReyna O.$466,173.00
84Waychoff's Heating & A/CScott O.$465,670.20
85Air SpecialtyJosh S.$463,645.16
86Weather CraftersThomas B.$463,285.19
87Russell's Heating & CoolingRocco C.$459,302.57
88Nicholsons Heating and AirBubba G.$458,268.45
89Right Brothers Heating & AirArt H.$458,110.58
90Patrick RileyMatt D.$449,079.21
91Happy Home Heating & CoolingCorey W.$447,882.78
92Carleton Refrigeration Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.Alfredo C.$447,791.33
93Webb Air Conditioning Co.Manuel G.$442,017.33
94Calfo MechanicalJake F.$439,098.17
95Air SpecialtyDan H.$437,833.45
96Calfo MechanicalChristian R.$436,318.47
97Spring Hill Heating and CoolingMatthew K.$423,358.80
982nd Wind Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.Robert M.$416,956.50
992nd Wind Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.Joe P.$415,633.50
100Waychoff's Heating & A/CErick D.$412,675.50

Comfort Consultant Rankings as of 12/31/2019

RankingContractorComfort ConsultantRevenue
1George BrazilKen B.$1,534,105.00
2Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalJason T.$1,513,672.00
3Climate Control Heating & Cooling IncTroy P.$1,471,248.00
4Russell's Heating & CoolingBrad W.$1,399,358.00
5Kellam MechanicalRusty B.$1,375,442.00
6Atlas Heating & Air Conditioning CompanyZack T.$1,335,866.00
7Modern Heating and Air ConditioningMatthew S.$1,189,647.72
8Wooldridge Heating Air ElectricalWill S.$1,170,615.00
9George BrazilMichael P.$1,166,921.34
10George BrazilMark S.$1,109,084.44
11Art Newsome, Inc.Jim M.$1,082,288.00
12George BrazilCory P.$1,068,026.54
13Patrick RileyJoe P.$1,064,290.15
14McCoys Heating & Air Inc.Scotty P.$1,043,356.00
15Russell's Heating & CoolingCorey L.$950,047.00
16Mitchell Itak, Inc.Paul M.$942,391.27
17Russell's Heating & CoolingNate P.$880,177.00
18Nuccio Heating & Air ConditioningTony F.$671,389.00
19Jackson and Foster Heating & AirAllen D.$656,227.70
20George BrazilD D.$643,194.82
21Hopkins Air ConditioningPhil A.$642,324.39
22Kale Heating & Air ConditioningSteve M.$632,501.00
23Nuccio Heating & Air ConditioningKarl G.$542,077.00
24Universal Heating & Cooling Inc.Kerry C.$539,037.14
25Patrick RileyAlyx L.$528,447.84
26AnonymousMichael N.$502,568.79
27Katham Industries, Inc. Heating & Air ConditioningGeorge K.$444,942.00
28Wally Falke's Heating and Air ConditioningTim F.$382,845.00
29AnonymousAnthony M.$228,968.90
30Nuccio Heating & Air ConditioningJoe N.$195,845.00
31Modern Heating and Air ConditioningIan O.$180,525.70
32AnonymousTravis O.$155,279.82
33AnonymousAlex N.$145,022.71
34AnonymousPhilip B.$108,492.90
35AnonymousKevin N.$99,058.00

Plumber Rankings as of 12/31/2019

1Patrick RileyFrank W.$420,167.72
2Russell's Heating & CoolingJason M.$382,246.55
3Russell's Heating & CoolingGrant S.$328,716.88
4Russell's Heating & CoolingAlex B.$282,541.30
5Patrick RileyFreddy P.$246,814.73
6Patrick RileyRon A.$165,390.13
7Patrick RileyGilbert T.$35,616.62
8Patrick RileyMatthew P.$31,301.38
9Patrick RileyRon S.$23,258.19