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Slide Scott Kellam, President
Kellam Mechanical
We have seen tremendous growth in the time since we first joined SBE. SBE positioned the concept of coaching in a whole new light for us which has had a huge impact on how we perform. I take great pride in seeing our people grow and the coaching has done so many things for us and the individuals. Watching our sales and profits grow make me smile, but seeing the loyalty from happy employees who have had their lives changed dramatically for the good; it is very rewarding. SBE has also fit our culture and helps us build lifelong customers who are the lifeblood of our company. Thank you Service Business Evolution!” SBE member since 2016 We have done our best to follow the program. It takes a lot of effort but the rewards of that effort were tenfold.” Jasn Daniell, President
Daniell Heat and Air
SBE member since 2016 The SBE program is different. It has a very organized approach which concentrates on the important things first, and moves outward from there. While providing coaching and support at each step. You can actually see the results along the way and it gets everyone very excited.” Tom Kale, Owner
Kale Company Heating and A/C
SBE member since 2014 We are a 41 year old business that is now being operated by 2nd generation of family. Our business had hit a plateau in sales revenue. Once we joined SBE and implemented the one on one coaching with our technicians and allowed our technicians to sell systems, we are currently on point to see a 17% growth in our business this year, which is only our 2nd year practicing the SBE process in our business” Owner from Richmond, VA SBE member since 2016 I was both excited and very appreciative of your training. I just finished up our taxes with our accountant, and I found an error that he made resulting in a $18,000 decrease in the amount of taxes that I would have had to pay. Had it not been for your training I would not have known how to double check his figures!” Contractor from Pine Bluff, AR SBE member since 2015 If you embrace their philosophies, there will be a measurable impact on your business. I cannot say enough great things about the SBE team!” Blake Harris, President
Harris Air Services, LLC
SBE member since 2016 I know we have a super long way to go but I feel that working with SBE has been the single best decision that’s ever been made at this company. Thank you so so much.” Manager from Cashton, WI SBE member since 2017 Our coach is awesome. Now that I have completed a boot camp, I realize his ‘Jedi mind tricks’ are all part of the coaching, questioning and listening process. I can’t stress enough how much we enjoy having a coach!” Chris Horne, Owner
Horne Heating & Air Conditioning
SBE member since 2016 coaching-testimonial Our call today was just great! Not something we were expecting, but changed the game plan for today’s call without missing a step (almost like he was anticipating the problem). We left the call pumped, refocused, and ready to attack the issue. Very supportive. Manager from Escondido, CA SBE member since 2017 I was able to use everything from boot camp! On my very first call this morning, I took a $0 maintenance ticket and was able to turn it into a $550 ticket based on everything we practiced in class. I just wanted to tell you it’s an awesome feeling and thank you, thank you, thank you for this training!” Bill, Technician from Longwood, FL SBE member since 2017