SBE Playbook

The SBE playbook has every document, from every department, at George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating. These documents serve as easy-to-follow examples of how to get things done.

It also contains a library of tools designed to help create a customized plan for each contractor’s business. Your coach helps you stay focused on the highest impact, easiest to execute priorities in your plan.


Think of the SBE Playbook as an online library, with over 1,000 resources specifically for an air conditioning and heating company. The list below is just a peak into the resources available to our contractors.
  • Employee Handbook
  • Retail Service Price Book
  • Retail Equipment Price Book
  • Sales Proposal
  • Service Invoice
  • Maintenance Agreement
  • Scope of Work documents
  • Installers Completion Form
  • Scheduling Guidelines for New Installs
  • Service Defect Codes
  • QA Invoice
  • Technical Training Documents
  • Service Technician Sold Job Requirements
  • Payment Collection (install)
  • Dispatch Communication
  • New Hire and Termination
  • Example Performance Review
  • Example Interview Questions – technician
  • Example Incident report
  • Example exit interview
  • Example New Hire Docs
  • Example use of Company Vehicles
  • Example Technician Uniform Standards
  • Example gas card policy and acknowledgement of receipt
  • CSR Scripts – Overcoming Objections
  • Outbound PTU Appointment Script
  • CSR Scripts outbound calls – policy customer and tune up – demand service customer
  • Example drug and alcohol testing policy
  • Example clearance to drive fleet form
  • Example Truck Stock Count – Install
  • Example Truck Stock count – Service
  • Example Truck Stock Count – QA
  • Example Truck Stock Count – Helper
  • Example Interview Questions – technician
  • Example administrative staff personal cell phone and internet use policy
  • Policy spiff programs – example
  • Lead Source Tracker
  • Operations-Retro Process Flow
  • System-Proposal-Agreement
  • System-Investment-Agreement
  • Investment-Terms
  • Change-Order-Form
  • Example Service Technician Code of Conduct Policy
  • Example New Hire Form
  • Example New Hire Form and termination – checklist