FAQs for Territory Managers

sbe app 2Question: As a TM/Sales Person I would like to demonstrate the SBE app. How do I get it?
Answer: Fill out the TM Account Request form to obtain a login to the SBE app. The account is for demonstration purposes only and is not associated with real data, therefore you may log as many jobs as desired.

Question: How do I register my contractor with SBE so that you know they are my customer?
Answer: We ask that you complete the New Contractor Registration form so that we may associate you with your contractor.

Question: Can my prospective contractor attend a Phoenix boot camp?
Answer: No, currently our Phoenix-based boot camps are reserved for active program members. However, you may request an on-site visit to the George Brazil and SBE facility in Phoenix, AZ.  Typically, an on-site visit is one day and includes a tour of both facilities, meeting some of the owners of SBE and George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating, as well as some key managers and employees.  If a boot camp is being held at the same time as the visit, dealers are permitted to observe for a short period of time. Please contact Kelcey Summers to request an on-site visit at ksummers@sbeodyssey.com.

SBE Playbook small

Question: As a TM/Sales Person I would like to have access to the SBE Playbook online docs & resources.  How do I get access?
Answer: As a TM, you can request access to the online SBE Playbook once you have a contractor signed up for the program.  Once you have a contractor in the SBE Program, you can complete the TM Account Request and request access to the SBE Playbook.  You should give them your name, contact info, distributor & branch you work for and your SBE contractors’ name.

Question: How do I schedule a SBE webinar for my prospective contractor?
Answer: There are at least (3) current options for your contractor.

  1. We can schedule a call with Dave Probst, one of the owners of George Brazil Air Conditioning & Heating and SBE.  Dave has been a lifelong contractor and is great contractor to contractor.  Dave answers dealers questions, but also asks all the right questions to understand the challenges many contractors face and offer possible solutions or direction of training with SBE. Contact sales@sbeodyssey.com or call (602) 900-4505 to schedule this kind of call.
  2. Another type of call that is available is a complimentary 45 minute coaching session.  This may be best suited for a contractor who has already been introduced to SBE but has not made a decision on the program yet.  With this coaching call, your contractor will get to “look and feel” what SBE one-on-one coaching is like. Complete this form to request a complimentary 45 minute coaching call for your contractor.
  3. A third option is to register your contractor for one of SBE’s upcoming webinars.