FAQs for Contractors

Question: Does the SBE App and Dashboard cost me extra each month?
Answer: No, they are included in your SBE monthly fee.  If you ever choose to leave the SBE Program, you have the option to pay $195.00 per month to keep the SBE App and Dashboard as long as you continue to use it.

Question: Is SBE Available to anyone?
Answer:  SBE is only offered through our valued distributor partners.  For a list of participating distributor partners, please contact sales@sbeodyssey.com.

Question: Will I have access to documents, like a Price Book and other documents I need to use for my business?
Answer: Yes, you will have access to the complete SBE Playbook. There are over 800 documents, videos and other resources available to you as a member of our program.

Question: How long is a coaching call?
Answer:  The scheduled duration of a call is 1 hour (60 minutes) to plan for late starts and wrap up. The actual call length is normally 45 minutes. Three days prior to your call, you will receive a reminder in which you have the option to reschedule or cancel.

Question: How often will I get coaching?
Answer:  SBE has a flexible schedule approach.  Normally, every dealer starts out with (2) calls each month, normally 2 weeks apart.  With flexible scheduling, this allows our coach to guide you through the next steps and make sure you have the necessary time between calls to implement and prepare for the next call.  You will also have access to email or call your SBE coach in between calls for additional questions or help.  And don’t forget, we have a full-time support desk with agents available to help you with our online resources, the SBE app and dashboard and answer any questions you have.

Question: Do you have a list of contractors in your program that I can contact regarding their experience with SBE?
Answer: Yes. We are happy to provide a list of references.  Please email sales@sbeodyssey.com to request a current list of references.

Question: Why are most of SBE’s boot camps in Phoenix, AZ?
Answer:  Because SBE has a real-life contractor behind our program, George Brazil Air Conditioning & Heating, we have an amazing training facility located inside George Brazil’s 30,000 square foot building in Phoenix, AZ.  There is also the opportunity to meet and learn from George Brazil managers, technicians and comfort consultants as they are part of many of the boot camps.  Many of the contractors in our program agree that there is a unique value to coming to Phoenix and visiting another contractor who has found great success in becoming a hiring and training company.

cory boot camp 2.png