What makes us different?  1-on-1 Coaching

The SBE Program takes a different approach to sales training: 1-on-1 coaching for home service business owners. Our coaches will:

goals-1 Walk you through the SBE program,
so there is no guessing how to apply the advice.
coaching-2 Coach you through challenges,
so you can overcome any roadblock.
measure-3 Share in your accomplishments,
so you will stay motivated to constantly improve your business.

Three reasons why our coaching works

1. Tested, proven methods

Everything our coaches will teach you has already been proven to work at George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating, a successful Phoenix-based HVAC company with sales at $31,000,000 in 2016.

2. YOU become the sales coach

We don’t coach your technicians and comfort consultants; we coach YOU to become a coach. You will learn how to coach your technicians and comfort consultants to sell more and how to motivate them based on their personal goals. These proven coaching methods are used at George Brazil Air Conditioning & Heating to teach technicians to produce $1,000,000 in sales annually.

3. Results will be measurable and sustainable

We know our advice works because we measure the outcomes. And you will too using the SBE App and Owner Dashboard, which tracks real-time data on daily calls. This data will help you learn how to train and coach your technicians and comfort consultants.


Our coaching methods teach you how to…

  • Coach your technicians to sell maintenance agreements to ensure a steady stream of revenue year round
  • Set goals that motivate your technicians and comfort consultants to sell
  • Select, train and retain the industry’s best technicians and comfort consultants
  • Be productive and profitable using operational best practices