Owners, Coaches, and Service Technicians

Discover and leverage your service technicians’ communication strengths with these five tools:

1. Goals – Set meaningful personal and company goals
2. Sales Evaluation* – Used during the Boot Camp and provides a path for training and coaching after the Boot Camp
3. Technician Training Guide – A roadmap of the SBE sales process including pipeline management
4. Role Play Guide – Provides an easy step-by-step process, to practice the skills learned in the Boot Camp
5. SBE App & Dashboard – Used to track and measure progress toward goals and where to focus coaching based each technician’s unique strengths and weaknesses
This highly interactive Boot Camp provides the tools and inspiration to achieve results including:

• Increase your ability to inspire your people with a compelling vision for both them and your business
• Enable your service technicians to take personal responsibility for their results
• Discover how to leverage your strengths and build sales champions
Comfort Consultants, Sales, Coaches, Owners

The Building Sales Champions “Proactive Market” Boot Camp helps contractors and their sales people understand our business and customers, set goals, learn how to coach, and learn how to get coached. They will also learn how to build an ongoing development plan based on the sales person’s unique strengths and weaknesses revealed in the sales evaluation* results. With the development of sales skills, sales people and their coaches will learn how to overcome objectives, understand how to be comfortable discussing money, learn how to qualify, practice consultative selling and much more.
Boot camp content includes:

• Goal setting
• Pipeline management
• Understanding your business and customer
• Our system
• Role playing
Owners and Department Managers

In this Boot Camp you will:

• Clearly defined roles and goals by department
• Identify and remove the obstacles that cause people to fail
• Deliver an exceptional company experience
• Coach to help people live up to their potential
• Resolve conflict like a professional
• Use games and incentives to drive focus and performance
We will inspire, motivate and re-focus your leadership in this boot camp.
SBE will come to your office to have a mini or full boot camp! Starting at $5,000/day of training, we can send one of our talented trainers to your office to teach any of the following boot camps

• Technician
• Comfort Consultant
• Leadership & Coaching by Department
• Company Based
• 1:1 in person coaching, and more!



These 1-day boot camps cost $295 for SBE members, which include training, materials and lunch. OMG Evaluations are recommended however not required. We offer our exclusive Building Service Champions for Technicians boot camp and our Leadership & Coaching by Department boot camp for the regional training options.

Training Hours: 8am – 4pm

SBE does not currently have any regional training scheduled for 2020 due to COVID-19