Objective Management Group

Why Take It?

Each participant of a Service or Sales Champions Training is suggested to take an OMG Evaluation. The results will be referenced during the Service & Sales Champions Trainings and will help build an individualized development and coaching plan, giving both the Coach and the Comfort Consultant or Technician a road map of their training.

Types of OMG Evaluations/Checkpoint/License

OMG for Technicians/ Comfort Consultants/ Territory Managers: The standard Sales Evaluation. This individual does not have any direct reports.
OMG for Sales/ Service Managers: Geared toward Managers that have technicians and/or salespeople directly reporting to them.
OMG for Owners, VPs, and General Managers: Geared toward individuals that have Managers reporting to them.
OMG Checkpoint: A Checkpoint is free and can be requested 9-18 months after an OMG Evaluation has been taken. The Checkpoint gives you a side-by-side comparison from your initial Evaluation to now. Only 1 checkpoint may be requested per purchased OMG Evaluation. If the OMG Evaluation was purchased more than 18 months ago, a new OMG Evaluation must be purchased.
OMG License: Imagine a tool so reliable that you could eliminate 96% of the mistakes made when hiring salespeople (and sales managers too), and never again be fooled by an individual’s charming personality, perfect track record, or exaggerated resume.