Service Track

What to Expect

Transform and accelerate your team with this 2-day sales and service training.

  • How to duplicate unicorns on your team
  • Unify your team around a common goal
  • Create opportunities for emerging leaders to shine
  • Your team will leave refreshed, inspired, and motivated to crush your 2024 goals

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who generates revenue in HVAC, plumbing, and electrical

  • Sales
  • Service

Meet Your Trainer

  • Wills

    Will Smith

    VP of Business Development, SBE

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Session 1

Scenario Challenge

We need live ammo, not role-play. Every day, your team encounters scary situations. Sometimes, they handle them brilliantly. Sometimes, they want a do-over. During this deep dive into scenarios, we identify the land mines to avoid and capture the wisdom from the group. Everyone leaves with tools to help them create happy customers and put money in their pockets.

Problem Solved:

  • Brilliant discoveries lost
  • Inability to duplicate results

Take Aways:

  • Scenario Cards with a catalog of wisdom from the best sales and service professionals in the country.
  • How to approach the most difficult scenarios with confidence

Session 2

How to Make Continuous Improvement Simple & Fun

Deep dive into the process for improving skills. Equip your people with tools to help themselves, help the people who coach them, and prepare them for future leadership roles as mentors and coaches.

Problem Solved:

  • Misconceptions about the process for effective coaching
  • Unproductive coaching sessions

Take Aways:

  • A deep understanding of how coaching works, why it matters, and how to help the person who coaches you coach you better.
  • A simple process to follow that works and makes it easy for you to help your team members improve

Session 3

The "TED Talk" Experience

What got you here won’t get you there. You must continuously learn new skills. This session creates an opportunity for you to learn new communication skills in a way that would be difficult to duplicate in your office. You will learn how to give an effective short talk, and a few winners will be chosen to give their talks to the entire group.

Problem Solved:

  • Don’t know how to speak effectively in front of a group
  • Not able to contribute your ideas effectively back in the office

Take Aways:

  • A simple process for communicating your ideas to a group
  • Confidence in your abilities to do it back in your office

Session 4

Tribe of Mentors

The most requested session in the history of our Annual Conference. “I want to talk, in-depth, with the best technicians in the country.”

Problem Solved:

  • How do the best technicians in the country do it?

Take Aways:

  • Mentor cards with common mistakes, lessons learned, and prescriptions for success

Session 5

2024 Roadmap

Without a plan, you are likely - out of control, and easily distracted, leaving your success up to a Game of Chance. End this conference on a high with a clear plan that puts you in control and helps you stay focused with a clear path to your goals.

Leave prepared to CRUSH your 2024 goals!

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