Leadership Track

What to Expect

Transform and accelerate your team with this 2-day SBE leadership training.

  • Build better team leadership skills
  • Grow the well-being & performance of your leadership team
  • You and your team will develop your leadership style and make sound decisions
  • Help your leaders learn new leadership techniques and refine old skills
  • You will leave refreshed, inspired, and motivated to crush your 2024 goals

Who Should Attend?

Everyone on your leadership team

  • Owners
  • VPs/GMs
  • Service/Sales Managers
  • Office Managers
  • CSR/Dispatch Managers
  • Install Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Anyone that you're looking to develop into a leadership role

Meet Your Trainers

  • Derekh

    Derrek Horfrichter

    Coach & Trainer, SBE | Leadership Expert

  • Ivvette Hofrichter

    Ivvette Hofrichter

    Tech Manager | Product Development, H&R Block

  • Alekso

    Aleks Ozgur

    Coaching & Training Operations Manager, SBE

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Session 1

Fix Your Hiring Process: Hire Faster and Remove the Guessing

Being understaffed and hiring wrong is expensive and creates massive opportunity costs. Instead, learn how to fix your hiring process by triaging the current pain points, using hiring frameworks, and creating data-driven decisions. By following these steps, you can improve the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of your process. Businesses that fix their hiring attract the top talent, hire the right people, and boost their company forward.

Session 2

"No One Wants to Work Anymore"

Change is guaranteed, but not every business adapts. Navigate the current changing landscape of the workforce by understanding the motivations and needs of younger generations. Learn to appeal to and engage with the current generation of employees who can drive your business into the future.

Problem Solved:

  • Misconceptions about younger workers.
  • Difficulty in attracting and keeping younger talent.


  • Insights into the needs and values of younger generations.
  • Strategies to make your business an attractive workplace for them.

Session 3

Why Good Employees Quit and How to Keep Them

Dive deep into the reasons behind employee turnover and learn strategies to create a work environment where your best talent chooses to stay and thrive.

Problem Solved:

  • High employee turnover.
  • Lack of understanding regarding employee dissatisfaction.


  • Understand how to uncover employee pain points.
  • Actionable strategies for boosting retention and reducing turnover.

Session 4

Understanding Your Leadership Style

Explore the different leadership styles available to you, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and pinpoint the best approach tailored to your team and culture.

Problem Solved:

  • One-size-fits-all leadership approach.
  • Ineffectiveness in diverse team scenarios.


  • A comprehensive understanding of different leadership styles.
  • Tools to evaluate and adapt your personal leadership style.

Session 5

Empower Through Coaching: How to Elevate Your Leadership Style

Transform from a manager into a coach. Learn the art of employee empowerment, creating a culture of growth, trust, and winning as a team.

Problem Solved:

  • Struggles with getting employees to want to do things.
  • Limited understanding of the coaching leadership style.


  • Techniques for effective coaching and mentorship.
  • Strategies to cultivate a coaching culture within your team.

Session 6

How to Give Effective Feedback

Feedback should be a tool, not a weapon. Learn to provide constructive feedback that empowers, uplifts, and inspires growth, creating an environment of continuous improvement and open communication.

Problem Solved:

  • Employee demotivation from poorly given feedback.
  • Inadequate and ineffective communication.


  • Techniques for delivering constructive feedback.
  • Strategies for creating a feedback-friendly workplace culture

Session 7

Build-Self Managed Teams for More Productivity (and Fewer Headaches)

Do you feel like you are constantly spending time and energy micromanaging and needing to tell employees what to do? Symptoms of an unengaged team include low productivity, high turnover, and a lack of accountability. Learn how to implement methods and organizational structures that support the growth of a productive, engaged, and self-managing workforce. When employees are given the autonomy and responsibility to manage themselves, they are more likely to be highly motivated and engaged in their work, which leads to increased productivity, decreased costs and stress, and improved customer satisfaction.

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