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Do you want a business that effectively runs itself? Are you struggling to reach revenues that will allow you to retire on your terms? If so, SBE's Odyssey Program is the answer. It takes just a few short months to start seeing results from our program.

Best of all, once those results start, they don't stop. Clients in our Odyssey Program see double-digit revenue growth, year over year, for years and years. There's simply no other program out there that can help you reach your goals in a shorter time frame.

Who is SBE for?

Happy Contractor Wally Falkes with Coach Rick Hess

At SBE, we provide industry-leading coaching and training for residential home service contractors (HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical). Working with an owner who’s not in the field (or trying to get out of the field) and is hungry and open-minded. Those owners who are stuck, looking for the right next steps to avoid wasted time, missing family moments, and sleepless nights that cause them to quit. Looking for a proven, customized process for training, coaching, and consulting that helps them create a profitable, sustainable business by helping them find the right next steps.

SBE App & Dashboard on multiple devices

What makes us different?

Our 3 Uniques include:

1. We have a proprietary app and dashboard that allows your employees to grow with national rankings and recognition that elevates performance and helps drive competition.

2. SBE has proven, field-tested processes with hundreds of case studies to back it up.

3. Our business evolves with yours. We adapt and adjust to the ever-changing needs of your business and the market.

With SBE we've achieved the goal that we set when we first joined. We went from $600K to $1.1M last year when we started with it and that's 42% growth with 18% net.

Allan Mayz, Owner, Lee's Heating & Cooling, member since 2020

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