Michael Bull


My passion is helping businesses be better. 25 years ago, I had a growing but struggling contracting business. With some hesitation, I sought business help and received the gift of a lifetime. I got control of my business! The sleepless nights, worrying, and suffering were over! It was then I decided my mission is to do that for others.

Being faced with “putting out fires” daily is NOT what anyone signs up for when going into business but becomes necessary for survival. I genuinely believe that clearing the path, removing roadblocks, and focusing on what is important can open doors to opportunities for what may have been missed. If you are not having fun in business, there is a better way!

As a coach at SBE, I have the privilege of working with the country’s best minds while also making the lives of everyone we work with better. I have dedicated the last 20-plus years to helping businesses reach their goals and achieve things they once thought impossible… having fun doing it!